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League rule changes for the Summer/Fall 2015 season

  • Home Run Limits (Men's):  A, 5+1 up; B, 3; and C, 1.
  • Home Run Limits (Coed): Sunday & Tuesday Coed 0, Tuesday Coed A 2+1 up, Friday Coed 2.
  • Time Limits (Men's): All Sunday leagues, 70 minute time limit.
  • All Leagues, all nights, all games: 1 minute limit in between innings then balls and strikes will be called.
  • All Leagues, all nights, all games: 1 courtesy runner per inning (last out from previous inning is the courtesy runner).
  • Home Run rules for Fall 2015 season are:
    Sun Men's 'A'  3 / Coed 'A' & 'B'  1
    Mon Men's 'A' & 'B'  2
    Tues Coed 'A'  2 / 'B'  1
    Wed 'A'  5 / 'B'  2
    Thurs 'A'  3 / 'B'  2



See you in 2016!

Belleville ASA Hall of Famers

Last Update: 10/14/15 11am

2015 Softball season is now officially over…

We would like to thank all players, sponsors, fans, and our grounds crew for a great 2015 season!  See you in six months!

ASA National Championships coming in 2017

2015 Post Season Celebration with a Great Sponsor

2015 Northern Coed State Champs - Smith's Downtown

2015 Northern Coed State Champs - Smith's Downtown

 The Belleville Softball Complex Office is now closed.  If you need to contact the Softball Complex, please contact John Walczewski at 574.514.6113 or


This statement below is for in season only:

In cases of inclement weather, at the Complex the League Director or a Complex Supervisor shall decide if the field(s) (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, and West) are playable. If the field(s) are unplayable that fields game(s) shall ALL be postponed and rescheduled at the discretion of the League Director. At City Parks (Boehm, Boland, Potawatomi, Veteran's Memorial and Walker Field) the umpire assigned to the game shall make the decision between game time and fifteen minutes (15) before game time. The umpire shall then call the complex so the notification process can be updated.

Belleville Softball Complex

1300 South Mayflower Road • South Bend, Indiana • 46619

Phone: 574.282.1449 • Fax: 574.282.8182