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Adult Softball Program
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Last Updated: Tuesday, February 24, 2015 930pm
2015 Softball registrations start February 2nd! Registration Forms are under the '2015 Forms' tab. We are ready... Are you?
League rule changes for the 2015 season:

Home Run rules as follows - Men's 'A' Leagues 5 & 1 up, 'B' Leagues 3, 'C' Leagues 1. Coed Rec 0, Upper Coed (Tuesday night) 2 & 1 up, Friday Coed 2.

All Sunday leagues, 70 minute time limit.
All Leagues, 1 minute limit in between innings then balls and strikes will be called.
All Leagues, 1 courtesy runner per inning (last out from previous inning is the courtesy runner).


Indiana ASA has consolidated our player database with the ASA National database. Teams/players interested in applying for re-classification should immediately check the ASA National website www.softball.org to find the appropriate player re-classification online form to complete by March 1, 2015. When accessing the national website, click on the 'Adult tab' at the top right of the page and then click on 'Slow Pitch Player Info' on the drop down menu. Then click on 'Players or Teams' and follow instructions from there. Please email: jdajwal@aol.com after completing the form.  All re-class requests will be submitted to the Indiana ASA Reclassification Committee and will be acted upon no later than March 14 at the Indiana ASA



The Belleville Softball Complex office is now CLOSED.

 In cases of inclement weather, at the Complex the League Director or a Complex Supervisor shall decide if the field(s) (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, and West) are playable. If the field(s) are unplayable that fields game(s) shall ALL be postponed and rescheduled at the discretion of the League Director. At City Parks (Boehm, Boland, Potawatomi, Veteran's Memorial and Walker Field) the umpire assigned to the game shall make the decision between game time and fifteen minutes (15) before game time. The umpire shall then call the complex so the notification process can be updated.


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Belleville is a non-smoking, no pet zone!
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